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From a distance, we ask...'tang'na, why not? Learn about our nation, then dream up a better Philippines with Google Earth, SketchUp, and all things possible in the virtual. Render a bridge. Share lessons. Take/make a tour. Bridge investors with Pinoy producers and manufacturers. Questions, visions, delusions welcome.

    Uy! Google Earth Philippines: Google Earth ekek for Pinoys!

      Friday, June 23, 2006

      :: Just what we needed

      (cross posted from Another Hundred Years Hence)
      The new high-res satellite images of Metro Manila on Google Earth have made us crazy. Roby and I have decided that we need a central repository for all Google Earth data on the Philippines. We've set up a wiki called Google Earth Philippines and uploaded a few kmz files to mark up your Google Earth.
      So far we've got all the MRT/LRT stations, a partial of MM landmarks, a partial of UP Diliman (someone put in the dorms please), a partial of schools, etc.
      We can't do this on our own so we're inviting everyone to come and upload your own kmz files. Visit the wiki here. Leave some comments or send us a wishlist of what you want to see marked.


      Anonymous Eugene said...

      Hello, I came here because of a comment to my blog by Urbano dela Cruz. Thanks for visiting! Anyway, I've been running a Google Maps blog since February called Tanawing Pinoy. I got inspired by Google Sightseeing and decided to do a Philippine version. The blog also has a downloadable KML file of all the sights that have been blogged about so far. I'm sure I've pointed out a several sights not seen in your wiki yet. =)

      5:55 AM  
      Anonymous Eugene said...

      Addendum: about the map showing the areas in the Philippines with hi-res imagery, I made that map. The marked areas are not placed accurately, they're just placed so that people know there's a hi-res imagery in that general spot. Sure, you can use the map on the wiki. I'll give it to you guys under the CC-BY-SA license.

      10:55 AM  
      Blogger Roby said...

      Thanks for visiting, Eugene. And thanks for the map. Really useful. I'll have a post on that in a while.

      1:37 PM  

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