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      Thursday, August 31, 2006

      :: Help Guimaras

      It shouldn't have to take something this tragic to have us posting again, of course, but as Filipinos not currently in town, we've been especially anxious for news and pictures to show how extensive the oil spill in Guimaras exactly is. We totally relate with this plea for help and more information posted by Cpee on the Google Earth Community billboard.
      Project Sunrise, a website put up by the Guimaras government tries hard and does well to keep us up to date on the news, and is an important initiative to drum up/coordinate help for the province.
      Meantime, we've taken two satellite maps (one taken on August 24, the other on August 27) offered by UNOSAT and converted those into image overlays that you can open on Google Earth. Side by side with Cpee's markers, they give you a good idea of the extent of this calamity, and how it's not just Guimaras that we should be worried about.
      Greenpeace has posted many pictures (such as the one above) to show the impact this oilspill is so far having on the people of Guimaras. Meantime, the Google Earth markers and image overlays are all available in one KMZ file at Google Earth Philippines.)


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