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      Monday, July 03, 2006

      :: We need to bring Sergei and Larry to Boracay

      Karl Wozniak wrote in to point out some strange things about Google Earth's coverage of the Philippines. Karl writes: 'Please note the labeling of islands in the Romblon/Masbate area is not correct. Cuyo Island is in Palawan. Boracay is mislabeled. Romblon is not labeled properly. The whole area seems to be labeled wrong.'
      And he's right. If 'borders' is turned on in Google Earth, you'll have what Anton Diaz's Philippines Google Earth Tour tags as clearly Boracay (no mistaking those waters and white sands) labeled by GE instead as 'Gunauayan Island'.
      But what do I know? Swimming in Boracay and surfing on the net does not an expert make.So here's what I do--I go to where 'Boracay' is on Google Earth and the globe spins to the east, to a point just left of northern Samar.
      Now, I don't presume to know where 'northern Samar' is either, so I load up that map overlay of Visayas that I downloaded from Google Earth Philippines just to be sure. Ngek. All the places in the area are tagged wrong as well. Here are two screenshots with the map overlay turned off (left) and on (right).

      You'll notice Bulan on the upper left corners as a common reference point. But what the overlay tags as Aguado Islands is Boracay in Google Earth. All other islands in the area seem to be misnamed.
      So OK, GE is wrong. And I imagine it's not just over these few areas we've highlighted. And I imagine that--with 7,1000 islands to scrutinize--over the next few days we'll all be flooding each other with amused/outraged emails/invitations to riot over other things that need to be rectified. But the more important point to be made here, I think, is that it would be pointless to wait for such corrections, particularly now that the technology to point each other in the right direction is already in everybody's hands.
      Find something wrong with Google Earth or the KMZs that we're all sharing over Google Earth Philippines? Tell us about it. Better yet, do something about it.


      Anonymous Eugene said...

      I noticed the errors too. It seems that every island south of Luzon mainland is wrong. Anyway, all the data comes from Europa Technologies (see how their copyright notice appears and disappears when you toggle on and off the borders layer). Either it's Europa's crappy information collection or Google's parsing of that data that's at fault.

      11:01 AM  
      Anonymous Roby said...

      In any case, it's sloppy work on GE's part. Will have to look up how exactly to complain, then hope to have a post on that, too. Until then--and beyond that-- however, better to proceed as if we're on our own.
      The map overlays on Visayas and Mindanao certainly help, although the western part of the country is still not covered. Maybe soon enough we'll be able to post KMZs of properly named islands based on the more accurate overlays.

      3:15 PM  
      Anonymous Roby said...

      And I found it.
      Here's the link to Google Earth complaints:
      You know what to do.

      3:42 PM  
      Blogger josec said...

      sounds like Carlos has too much time on his hand. JC

      11:09 AM  
      Anonymous Gregory Macaltao said...

      Hi there. I have been fascinated with Google Earth since I "re-discovered' it last year. I actually discovered it back in 2004 when it was still Keyhole and not owned by Google.

      Last year, I noticed that only a few areas of the Philippines had been mapped out. Olongapo, Clark,etc. However, when I checked it out this month (I saw in a forum a picture of Malate), I decided to check it out myself.

      I realized that wow - - - -areas of the Philippines were being mapped out.

      Thanks for developing the KMZs which I will install after this comment.

      I discovered your site because I also realized the mislabeling of Boracay (Gunauayan), checked what that Island was in google, and then saw your amazing blog.

      I was just speaking to my friend early this afternoon and I was telling him about how Google earth can be used to spot islands in the Philippines that are like Boracay and perhaps we can point that out to people who may interested in developing and promoting it as tourist places. That's why I really liked the "mission" of your blog. While we're out to have fun with Google Earth, it's good to know that you are looking at Google Earth as a way to improve things back home.

      9:47 AM  

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