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From a distance, we ask...'tang'na, why not? Learn about our nation, then dream up a better Philippines with Google Earth, SketchUp, and all things possible in the virtual. Render a bridge. Share lessons. Take/make a tour. Bridge investors with Pinoy producers and manufacturers. Questions, visions, delusions welcome.

    Uy! Google Earth Philippines: Google Earth ekek for Pinoys!

      Saturday, July 01, 2006

      :: Visualization=Envision=Vision=Action

      So thanks to Erwin Oliva of INQ7 for that gracious article on Naga City, this blog, and Google Earth Philippines. I meant what I said about GE giving us the chance to picture the Philippines 'from a distance'.
      Here's the thing, I think, about our latest toy: it's not about roof surfing. What it is about is up to all of us to discover. But for starters, let's use it to share information and knowledge about each other. Would love to see some KMZs on all the countries where we're currently dispersed, for example, or markers to point out which barangays have no resident doctors at all, or something to show all of us, in one window, where we're running out of public school teachers (and corollarily, markers to show where in North America and Europe they're ending up in.) As a tool for education, we invite you to download from Google Earth Philippines the KMZ commemorating some WWII battles that took place on our shores, and let that open your minds as to the applications for GE.
      If you get the picture, do help us to build the site, so everybody else can picture our nation as well. As I told Erwin Oliva, I see Google Earth as a visioning exercise. What you can picture, and now what you can render on GE, you can envision. And for all that which we can now see, maybe we can take action.


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