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From a distance, we ask...'tang'na, why not? Learn about our nation, then dream up a better Philippines with Google Earth, SketchUp, and all things possible in the virtual. Render a bridge. Share lessons. Take/make a tour. Bridge investors with Pinoy producers and manufacturers. Questions, visions, delusions welcome.

    Uy! Google Earth Philippines: Google Earth ekek for Pinoys!

      Thursday, July 13, 2006

      :: Stay tuned for Baguio

      Was about to post this on Google Earth Philippines, but PBWiki's down. If you've been having problems accessing the wiki for all the Google Earth markers we've compiled, PBWiki says we'll just have to wait for "a few hours".
      Oh well. We'll post some KMZs on Baguio as soon as PBWiki's back online, and this one's going to be worth the wait. Thanks to Caesar Angeles, who clearly loves his hometown. He calls himself a beginner on Google Earth and KMZs. But aren't we all?
      Maraming salamat ulit, Caesar.


      Blogger dew said...

      PBwiki is back up.

      3:41 AM  
      Blogger Roby said...

      Thanks, Dew. Just updated the wiki.

      11:27 AM  
      Blogger eZeR. said...


      1:15 PM  

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