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From a distance, we ask...'tang'na, why not? Learn about our nation, then dream up a better Philippines with Google Earth, SketchUp, and all things possible in the virtual. Render a bridge. Share lessons. Take/make a tour. Bridge investors with Pinoy producers and manufacturers. Questions, visions, delusions welcome.

    Uy! Google Earth Philippines: Google Earth ekek for Pinoys!

      Friday, July 07, 2006

      :: See you on Sunday...

      ...April 20, 2042. According to a KMZ we just uploaded at Google Earth Philippines, that's when a full solar eclipse will pass, best viewed from our own high-res rooftops. Kewl.
      If you want more of this stuff, check out the website of Frenchman Xavier Jubier, a shadow-chaser's itinerary for the 21st century.


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