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From a distance, we ask...'tang'na, why not? Learn about our nation, then dream up a better Philippines with Google Earth, SketchUp, and all things possible in the virtual. Render a bridge. Share lessons. Take/make a tour. Bridge investors with Pinoy producers and manufacturers. Questions, visions, delusions welcome.

    Uy! Google Earth Philippines: Google Earth ekek for Pinoys!

      Saturday, June 24, 2006

      :: Planes, trains, and...

      We now have more than 500 Philippine markers up on our Google Earth Philippines wiki. We started with MRT and LRT lines, and now we have UNESCO World Heritage Sites, a collection of World War II battles fought on our shores, KMZs for a landslide of volcanoes, and we found Herrminator, a guy in Bacolod who built up a global KMZ of more than 10,000 airports around the world. (Global nga eh.) We took the liberty of posting just the folder for Philippine airports. (Who knew we had that many?) Check out the Philippine downloadables for your Google Earth here.


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