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      Tuesday, June 27, 2006

      :: Naga 3D

      Here's a KMZ that plots and renders Naga City buildings quite extensively. This is by far the most advanced application of Google Earth by a Philippine LGU that we've seen so far.
      Once again thanks to Senen Ebio, who also made the population visualization model mentioned in Urbano's earlier post. KMZs for both are now available for download at the Google Earth Philippines wiki.
      Naga has really bought big time into online technology to spur local development--and into the idea that information made accessible can encourage citizens to participate in genuine community development. The city has an entire department one very committed individual working on Geographic Information System (GIS) material, and they've posted some of that -- plus more maps --in the city government's website here.
      I know we're all excited about Google finally rendering Metro Manila in high-res, but this really brings home the point about how building a community around available technology can be more powerful than even the best technology that's still quite beyond our reach. The volunteer and collaborative spirit generates data and material much faster than any individual can even dream of new potential applications. (Hence the creation of the Google Earth Philippines wiki, which continues to grow from contributions by the day.)
      So why wait for the next round of satellite photos? Already on Google Earth Philippines we have this 3D model for an entire city, and even an image overlay for Mount Mayon, which on Google Earth is as cloud-obscured as the entire Makati-CBD.


      Blogger Willy B. Prilles, Jr. said...

      Naga's GIS is not even a department. It's just one of the sections of the EDP unit at Naga City Hall. While there is technically only one dedicated GIS staff there as of the moment (the rest have decided to seek the proverbial greener pastures), they make their presence felt on a regular basis. And we are making use of them as resource persons to strengthen local capacity in an ongoing 18-hour training on Arcview involving staff from at least three other external departments.

      Plus, we do have significant amount of datasets generated over the years using the same satellite-generated and GPS-corrected basemap. So, they will fit the Google Earth maps rather well.:)

      2:55 PM  
      Blogger Roby said...

      Thanks for the correction. In any case, it's all impressive work, and even more inspiring commitment.
      Looking forward to more demos of what all this technology can do for Naga and the rest of the country.

      3:01 PM  
      Anonymous senenebio said...

      Naga City released its 2003 basemap data into public domain.

      Please see:

      Inviting other GE enthusiasts to makeuse of its Web Feature Server (WFS) and Web Map Server (WMS) to build KML/KMZ about the city.

      3:41 PM  
      Blogger whin said...

      this is great!

      Isulong SEOph

      6:29 AM  
      Anonymous Anonymous said...

      i recently looked atyour gis project and it looks looking forward to create or maybe just even replicate what you have done here in sorsogon city,on a small scale for starters..maybe you could help me..i would love to be able to help out even with youre project in email is

      thanks and keep it up..


      5:33 AM  

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