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      Wednesday, June 28, 2006

      :: High-res areas on Google Earth

      For all the excitement that's greeted the new high-res images of Metro Manila, it's also painfully obvious that the majority of the country languishes in low-res murk. The sharp view of Bacolod, for example, seems to end right there where its border with Talisay begins.
      Here's a gif courtesy of Tanawing Pinoy's Eugene Alvin Villar that shows (in red) which few areas are actually already being rendered in finer detail by Google Earth. This originally came out in Eugene's tech blog here. It's not terribly accurate, he admits, but we've found it a good guide to at least show you what's already available on our favorite new toy.
      Eugene, by the way, has also contributed to our wiki Tanawing Pinoy's compiled KML of destinations of note around the archipelago and beyond: the markers take you to, among other places, Dr. Jose Rizal Park--in Seattle. Check out the new stuff at Google Earth Philippines.


      Anonymous seav said...

      There are new areas in the Philippines with high-res imagery, due to the October 3 updated. I've updated the image shown here with the new areas. :-)

      1:40 AM  

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